Dear Turnovers –
Here’s what I want to know: What is going to happen when the sense of crisis coverage has passed at CNN? As we all know, a round of layoffs was scheduled for the thursday after the bombing (9/13) and had to be postponed. In fact, rumor has it that some people had already been told they were out, but were then told to stay on or risk losing the severance package.
But now CNN is facing an even more bleak balance sheet, between extra expenses, unplayed commercials, and a real recession. The reason for cuts that existed before is still there — only more so.
And yet…what will the cuts look like now? Isaacson said he saw the
light after the attack, and now knows CNN is about news (how many
millions did they pay him to figure that out!!) So, what kind of CNN are they going to chisel out of the old rock? The designed probably changed. No more stupid talk shows? (Isaacson says its not about ratings, its
about covering the news). Can you help us with that? (Sender: Rad)
Dear Rad- Despite the current news climate, there are plenty of those at CNN who haven’t got the first idea what the future holds for them. Some of the on air talent you used to see regularly are clamoring for any exposure they can get during this “crisis” period – among the reasons, self preservation. As for those who work behind the scenes – no one really knows. The reason no one really knows… the execs who make the decisions don’t seem to know either – or at least that’s the mood among the “troops.”

(Re: Andrea Thompson)
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Where are the nude photos? (Sender: Max)
Dear Max- In the men’s executive wash room at CNN Center, mostly.

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What happened to Lou Waters and Natalie Allen? (Sender: Nancy)
Dear Nancy- After 21 years, Lou has left the building… he will be going to become managing editor and occasional on-camera talent for NewsProNet, which produces TV features. Natalie is also gone – BIG mistake by CNN. When all this terrorism news fades away (as it will), they will miss Natalie in the morning. Despite what may appear in the press, we’d bet the farm that it was NOT Natalie’s idea to split. Look for her as a possible new face on MSNBC. Both became victims of the Aaron Brown-Paula Zahn hires.

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What the HELL happened to ALL of you. I cannot even bare to watch CNN, it’s like ET with a slight lean towards non-celebrity news and events… it’s WAY past horrible. Especially NOW, at this critical intersection of world history.
Please let me know where everyone went, or how I can find out what news organizations some of you landed in. (Sender: Charles)
Dear Charles- Thanks for the kind word. We just took what we deemed was an appropriate break considering the circumstances. If you can’t bare to watch, contribute here… now’s the time.

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Who’s screwing who at CNN?
(Sender: Sales)
Dear Sales- Well, tough to tell really… one thing we do know however, fans of creative and informative news programs are feeling a little tender around the sphincter region.

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From your inside view, why would CNN put Peter Arnet back on the air
and why would they forbid the use of the word “terrorist?” (Sender: M.C.)
Dear M.C. – A delicate blend of poor judgement and ignorance, with just a splash of idiocy.

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I know that it is awkward to put your talented but tentative collective toe in the water. My argument that it is time for at least some of your
satire to return would be that Saturday Night Live has already made a small splash with ripples. President Bush is no longer taboo for a little
I’m sure that there’s plenty of topics, like the startlingly fuzzy “green screen technology” video shots, to go around. I can’t hire y’all because I’m just a working stiff myself, but I occasionally buy T-shirts and such. The envelope need not be pushed. Just bring back one of the best web sites around within your own boundaries of good taste, and we’ll try to compensate you. Good luck to all. (Sender: K.J.)
Dear K.J.- We are truly very appreciative of your sentiments, and those like you.
While we intend to continue down the line of attempted humor, we’d also like to invite others to provide content. Over the past ten months, we have been sent literally thousands of letters, the bulk of which are critical of the kind of news we are fed by the networks – cable or otherwise. They have been as much about what we DON’T see, as that which we do. In that spirit then, we want to publish what YOU want to know… make YOU the reporter. Any subject is fair game, and we encourage everyone with an angle or opinion to chime in. Our only request – backup your content with relative material. Beyond that, our pages and readers are all yours.